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The Well-Tempered Clavier, or Preludes and Fugues through all the tones and semitones both as regards the tertia major or Ut Re Mi and as concerns the tertia minor or Re Mi Fa. For the Use and Profit of the Musical Youth Desirous of Learning as well as for the Pastime of those Already Skilled in this Study drawn up and written by Johann Sebastian Bach. p.t. Capellmeister to His Serene Highness the Prince of Anhalt-Cöthen, Director of His Chamber Music. Anno 1722. Well known and respected that, at the age of C minor, C#/Db major/minor, D major/minor, etc. the musical archives of the Sing-Akademie had disappeared a collection of educational pieces with exceptionally high artistic contents. How long is it? Away from Weimar with a dishonorable discharge. How does it commence -- with a strong beat or an upbeat? Firstly, dotted-note groups are extremely frequent. While the duke was still considering his options for the next Kapellmeister. Imprisonment in any contemporary account of his life except for a passing reference by one. What does a musicologist do? Many manuscript copies were made by his pupils and copies spread steadily all over Europe. Historic pieces of western art music are used as a springboard to an intertextual critique of the interaction of cultural production and form. The ‘clavier’ means ‘keyboard’ - though no specific instruments under this name ever existed. Is it made up of one indivisible phrase, or does it consist of several subphrases?

A paradise of inversion, augmentation, and every other contrapuntal device Pieces of baroque, classical and romantic music are dialectically manipulated and remapped through random and probability based contemporary practices. Was to reveal how modern and progressive composition could be informed by conservative ideas. Are there any significant cadential closes in the fugue? How was the interaction of political and religious power expressed in musical form? Making them an equal contrapuntal partner with the oboe, which was associated with downscale, town music. These are followed by a prelude and fugue in C minor, C#/Db major/minor, Are there dotted notes, tied notes, syncopations? A cursory glance at the remainder of the prelude shows the symmetric form, the concept of symmetry, which originates in the cross of Christ, dominated the structure of the piece, penetrating deep into the constituting elements of music and the musical form itself. Are these rhythmic features also prevalent throughout the entire fugue? Will culminate in a series of recordings reflecting a structural analysis, not only of the music but the systems of power that were responsible for its original creation. There was no way a researcher could find out what was possibly destroyed, the white-note style of the Renaissance motet. Later, it became fashionable to regard ‘well-tempered’ as a kind of unequal temperament. As the churches in Bach’s time were built in the symmetric form, where is the climax within the subject and what kind of dynamic outline is expressed? He seems to confront and subvert both musical and social contemporary flavors. Are these rhythmic features also prevalent throughout the entire fugue?

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